How Should I Clean My Brush?
To clean your brush, use a fine-toothed comb to remove any excess hair from your brush. Briefly, rinse the brush and bristles with warm soapy water. Pat dry, wipe excess moisture so that any residue has been wiped clean of the handle and shank, and allow to air dry thoroughly. Do NOT immerse the brush in water. This will decrease the performance and lifespan of your brush and void the guarantee.

Why Should I Not Immerse My Brush in Water?
RAINCRY Professional brushes are made with the finest materials in the world- many of them wood. Despite being treated, submerging your brush in water for long periods of time will allow for the wood to absorb some of that water, causing the wood to swell. Later as the wood dries out, your brush will likely crack, damaging your brush and making it weaker.

I Just Bought My Brush and I Find That It Is A Little "Stiff". Is This Normal?
Your brush will usually take several uses before it will perform to its fullest potential. Brushes typically require upwards of 9 - 12 months before they perform to their maximum potential. This is the reason why many people have problems styling their hair- their tools aren't designed to perform to their fullest potential for almost a year. RAINCRY Professional Brushes however usually require 6 - 9 blow-drys before they are "broken in." After this "break in" period, you will notice your brush's performance really start to increase, allowing you to achieve those great hair styles that you are after.

When I Received My Brush, I Noticed a Few Bristles In The Box / Session Bag. As I First Started Using the Brush, I've Noticed That I Am Losing More Bristles. Is My Brush Defective?
No. It is normal for your brush to lose some of its bristles, especially at the beginning. This is part of the natural lifecycle of any brush. Our brushes however have been engineered with this "molting" in mind and once complete (usually after the "break in" period), this shedding of bristles will usually stop. In the case of RAINCRY Professional Brushes, the molting of bristles actually allows for your brush's performance to increase.